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Raleigh, NC Drug Transportation Lawyer

In North Carolina, drug transportation crimes can lead to imprisonment, the loss of rights and property, and fines (among other severe consequences). A highly experienced criminal defense attorney such as Curtis High can successfully fight an individual's federal or state drug transportation charges, minimizing the negative outcome.

Definition of Drug Transportation

The concept of "drug transportation" is defined as:

  • When an individual transports (on his person or in a vehicle) an illegal drug of any type or quantity,
  • from one place to another,
  • With full knowledge of the presence of the drug, and
  • The ability to exercise control over it, and
  • The knowledge that the drug is illegal.

Federal Drug vs. N.C. Drug Transportation

If such a drug is transported from one state to another — or across national borders such as those between the U.S. and Canada or Mexico — federal criminal law will apply. Transportation of an illegal drug within the state of North Carolina will be subject to North Carolina's laws. It is crucial for an individual who is accused of N.C. drug transportation to consult a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the state laws and criminal system. 

Drug Transportation vs. Drug Distribution

The concept of drug transportation is different from that of "drug distribution," which is the transport of drugs for transfer to another individual for sale or for barter. A person could be acting as a "mule" to transport drugs without being the individual who sells or further transfers the drug, for example.

Criminal Penalties for NC or Federal Drug Transportation Charges

If you're facing a drug transportation charge in Wake County, you're facing a number of possible negative consequences:

  • forfeiture of your motor vehicle(s)
  • revocation of your driver's license
  • forfeiture of other property
  • significant fines
  • lifelong registration as a narcotics offender
  • mandatory periodic drug testing
  • imprisonment
  • probation or parole
  • loss of voting rights, right to own a gun

Talk to an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Curtis High is an aggressive and knowledgeable Wake County drug transportation lawyer who will protect your rights and help ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Contact his office in Raleigh today to schedule a private consultation.

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