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Killer of Popular North Carolina High School Counselor Indicted

On Monday, Sharman Howard Odom was reportedly indicted for the rape and murder of a popular Discovery High School counselor, Maggie Daniels.

According to an article featured online in the New York Daily News, Daniels was found dead in her Newton, N.C. apartment on June 28 and was last seen alive the day before, when authorities believe the crime took place.

Odom, 34, has been in custody since Aug. 2 in connection with Daniels’ murder, according to reports. A neighbor of Daniels’, Odom was first interviewed on July 3, when Newton Lt. David Sigmon “noticed what appeared to be a patch of hair missing from the right portion of Sharman’s scalp near his forehead.” When police searched Odom’s apartment at the Windsor Apartment complex on July 26, they found a piece of hair that matched the alleged wound in a shoebox in his closet. Officers also found selfies taken by Odom on June 28 which showed apparently new scratches to his face.

According to reports, police believe Odom attacked Daniels in her apartment, where he held her hostage and terrorized her. In the weeks before her murder, a friend had warned Daniels through Twitter to “be careful of a neighbor,” though it is unclear whether these warnings related to Odom specifically.

Daniels, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, had worked at Discovery for eight years and was named Newton-Conover district teacher of the year in 2011. In a statement to ABC News, Daniels’ family said, “We are hopeful that with the recent arrest, it will save another family from having to go through such a tragic nightmare. Maggie will live in our hearts forever.”