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North Carolina Woman Blames Ghost for Ax Killing

An Asheville, NC woman who is accused of killing her two daughters with a hatchet has told police that a ghost was responsible for the killings, according to court papers. Naiyana Patel, 33, is hospitalized, recovering from injuries she suffered when she repeatedly hit herself with the same hatchet used to kill 8-year-old Jiya and 4-year-old Piya Patel. She is charged with first degree murder.

Lalji Patel, the husband of the suspect, and father of the victims, found her and the two girls inside their home on Saturday morning. “My daughter is dying,” Patel screamed in a frantic call to 911 recording made public Monday.

According to an officer’s statement filed for a search warrant, Naiyana Patel told police Saturday that “the ghost killed her children.” She also said she did not want to live and did not want medical treatment. Using the search warrant on the family home, police seized six prescription medication bottles, along with blood and hair evidence, and the hatchet.

The couple operated the Ash Pantry store, and according to their landlord, the Patels had lived in Asheville since 1990. The family had just moved into the home where the killings occurred a few months ago. They are originally from India, though both children were born in the United States.

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