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Criminal charges related to sex crimes carry a highly negative stigma, particularly if the accused is convicted of the crime. Whether a sex crime charge involves rape, incest, child pornography, sexual abuse, or indecent exposure, an ensuing conviction can result in severe penalties.

Penalties may include loss of freedom, loss of career and loss of reputation, as sex crime convicts may have to register with the national sex offender directory for the rest of their lives.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime, it’s important that you secure the services of a professional criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law has 19 years of criminal defense experience.

He is dedicated to:

  • Providing his clients with aggressive legal representation in any necessary legal proceeding
  • Building his clients the strongest possible defense cases
  • Going up against experienced prosecutors
  • Helping his clients get the charges against them reduced, if not dismissed altogether

If you've been arrested and charged for a sex offense, schedule a consultation with Mr. High today.

Defending the Accused Against Sex Crime Charges

Mr. High is a Wake County criminal defense lawyer that is extremely experienced at litigating both misdemeanor and felony cases at the state and federal level. While each defense case is tailored to meet the defendant’s needs, as well as the circumstances of the case, in general, building a solid defense case might involve:

  • Gathering DNA evidence
  • Compiling witness statements
  • Invoking expert testimony, which may include statements from forensic scientists, detectives and psychologists
  • Examining the scene of the alleged crime for any other evidence that will bolster the defense (such as video surveillance)
  • Meticulously looking over police reports, as well as the chain of events performed by authorities, to ensure that the accused rights were not violated before, during or after the arrest

Although it may be in the best interest of the accused to make a deal with the prosecution before trial, Mr. High is a seasoned litigator who will fight through trial proceedings when beneficial for his clients.

For more information or to schedule a private discussion of your circumstances with an experienced and aggressive sex crimes attorney in Raleigh, contact Mr. High today.

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