Raleigh, NC Burglary Lawyer

In Wake County, burglary charges come in two “degrees” (first and second). Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law in Raleigh stands ready to provide highly skilled criminal defense representation to individuals who have been arrested for (or are under suspicion of) committing either degree of burglary or another theft-related crime such as robbery.

Curtis High Will Fight for Your Rights

Mr. High is a criminal defense attorney with more than a decade of experience in burglary law and related matters, and he has the knowledge and skills to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of each person charged with a first or second-degree burglary. He conducts his own very in-depth investigation of the alleged burglary case, and offers his counsel, negotiation skills and aggressive representation to those charged with burglary in North Carolina, at every stage of the criminal justice process:

  • suspicion
  • investigation
  • arrest
  • charge(s)
  • arraignment
  • bail
  • plea discussion
  • preliminary hearing
  • motions
  • trial
  • appeal
  • expungement

The North Carolina Burglary Statute

The North Carolina statute regarding burglary, or breaking and entering, is under “Burglary and Other Housebreakings,” where the general parameters of first and second-degree burglary are described, in effect, as:

1st-degree burglary: A person is in the building (of any kind that is being used for sleeping) when the burglary is committed. A Class D felony.

2nd-degree burglary: No one was in the building when the burglary was committed. A Class G felony.

Factors That Affect a North Carolina Burglary Case

Other factors can also affect the burglary charge and the relevant North Carolina statute and punishment to be used, such as whether:

  • The place that was burglarized is a place of religious worship
  • It’s a motor vehicle/boat/aircraft/trailer/railroad car
  • An explosive or weapon was used in the commission of the burglary
  • Whether the accused is a “habitual offender”

Schedule a Consultation about Burglary Charges

If a burglary charge has befallen you or your family member, it’s in your best interest to have a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. Contact experienced Wake County burglary attorney Curtis High today to arrange a private, no-commitment consultation. He will thoroughly evaluate your case and fight to protect your legal rights.