Raleigh Elections Violations Lawyer

Legally referred to as electoral fraud, elections violations can be committed by both prospective politicians, as well as the voters themselves. Electoral fraud is a federal offense that is classified as a felony charge. Examples of instances electoral fraud include:

  • buying votes
  • destroying legitimately completed ballots
  • manipulating the electorate, meaning that he somehow disrupts the voting process or the process of tallying the votes
  • misinforming voters, such as through mudslinging or smear campaigns
  • failing to record a legitimate vote
  • illegally rendering certain individuals unable to vote (disenfranchisement)
  • over-complicating ballot papers to make them tricky or difficult to understand
  • stuffing the ballot box by voting more than once
  • somehow intimidating a person or group of people to prevent them from voting, which has, in the past, been a problem at polling stations

The Department of Justice reports that there are currently no widespread efforts or conspiracies to commit voter fraud, in the U.S. On a smaller scale, individuals who may commit voter fraud (aside from the politicians) are individuals who are ineligible to vote, such as ex-convicts and immigrants.

Building The Strongest Possible Defense

Those who are convicted of any type of election violation may face a jail sentence from 1 to 5 years (or more, depending on the circumstances of the case), along with hefty fines, the loss of future voting privileges and, for non-U.S. Residents, the possibility of deportation.

If you or a loved one has been charged with electoral fraud in Wake County or anywhere in North Carolina, Mr. High can help you. He has been practicing law for almost 20 years and is committed to:

  • Gathering all necessary evidence to support your defense
  • Scrutinizing the prosecution’s claims and finding holes in their arguments
  • Providing you with discreet, aggressive and professional legal representation in any necessary legal proceeding
  • Helping you get the charges against you reduced or, if possible, dropped entirely so you can focus on moving forward with your life

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