Raleigh, NC Embezzlement Lawyer

Although North Carolina’s embezzlement statutes and penalties are described in the state’s criminal code, every embezzlement case has its own unique circumstances. If you or a loved is facing a Wake County embezzlement charge, contact criminal defense attorney Curtis High to discuss your situation. Whether the case has progressed to an arrest or is still in the investigation/suspicion phase, every individual has constitutionally mandated legal rights that will be protected by highly skilled defense lawyer Curtis High.

Wake County’s Embezzlement Laws

The North Carolina Code (Chapter 14, Article 18) spells out the crimes of embezzlement:

  • property received by virtue of office or employment
  • state property by public officers and employees
  • funds by public officers and trustees
  • state, county, school, city or town taxes by officers
  • by a treasurer of a charitable or religious organization
  • by an officer of a railroad company
  • by a surviving partner of a business partnership

Federal Embezzlement Laws

The U.S. Code, Title 18 lists the many provisions of federal embezzlement laws. As a defense attorney dealing with both state and federal crimes, Mr. High provides knowledgeable counsel and representation to individuals accused in either criminal justice system.

Punishments for Embezzlement Convictions

The North Carolina Code also goes into detail regarding the exact parameters of embezzlement, with the potential punishments listed as:

  • Class H felony (max. 10 years imprisonment, or a fine, or both) if the value of the embezzled property is less than $100,000
  • Class C felony (max. 50 years or life imprisonment, or a fine, or both) if the value of the property is $100,000 or more

The Prosecution’s Burden of Proof

A Raleigh, NC district attorney or federal prosecutor must prove, in effect, that an accused individual had the intent to embezzle or that he/she knowingly and willfully converted money (or other types of property) to his or her own use. Mr. High provides thorough and effective legal representation at every stage of the NC or federal criminal law process, to protect and advance the rights of his client.

If you or a loved one is facing a Wake County embezzlement charge, contact Raleigh embezzlement lawyer Curtis High for a confidential consultation today. Mr. High will thoroughly investigate the details of your situation and fight to protect your legal rights.