Wake County Fraud Lawyer

The law office of defense attorney Curtis High represents individuals who are facing North Carolina fraud charges, whether in a state or federal jurisdiction. There are many fraud-related statutes, and only an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney such as Mr. High can provide an effective defense for these serious charges.

Fraud and Related Crimes in North Carolina

Like other states, North Carolina has dealt with fraud since the days when it was not yet even a state (i.e., pre-1789). The forms of fraud have evolved since then, and the accumulated state laws dealing with fraud and related crimes have become quite extensive, with separate statutory provisions dealing with crimes such as:

  • embezzlement
  • arson
  • obtaining property or signatures by false pretenses
  • writing worthless checks
  • defrauding an innkeeper
  • exploiting an elderly or disabled person
  • financial transaction card (e.g., credit card, debit card) fraud
  • deceptive advertising
  • blackmail and extortion
  • forgery

Defending Individuals Accused of Fraud

Mr. High defends individuals in Raleigh, NC who are under investigation for, have been arrested for, are appealing a conviction for these types of fraud, and more in the state or federal criminal system, including:

  • banking fraud
  • check fraud
  • computer fraud
  • identity fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • mail fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • mortgage fraud

Fighting the Prosecutor’s Allegations

In most fraud cases, the Wake County or federal prosecutor must prove that the accused individual had the intent to defraud someone, in addition to conduct that meets the definition of fraud. Many times, an individual has inadvertently acted in a manner that may be misinterpreted as fraud, and Mr. High builds a defense by using both his experience as a civil and criminal lawyer and appropriate experts, such as:

  • an arson investigator
  • a finance, accounting or mortgage expert
  • forensic computer analysts
  • a private investigator
  • insurance professionals

If You’re Facing a Fraud Charge

If you’re facing a federal or North Carolina fraud charge, contact a fraud attorney in Raleigh today to schedule a private, confidential consultation.