Raleigh, Wake County Homicide Lawyer

The term homicide refers to the lawful or unlawful act of killing another human being. While homicide may be followed by murder charges in the event that the accused allegedly had the intent and premeditation to kill, homicide may also be followed by manslaughter charges when the event carries mitigating circumstances (such as provocation or diminished capacity) that make the case less severe than murder.

Regardless of the exact charges brought up in the event of homicide, the accused should be aware that a conviction will result in serious and life-altering penalties that can burden them for years. Lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines and loss of career or relationships with loved ones can devastate a convict’s life. As a result, anyone facing criminal charges should seek professional and experienced legal representation to ensure that they not only have the best possible defense, but that they also have the best chances of achieving the most favorable outcome to their case.

If you or a loved one is facing any criminal charges related to a homicide in Wake County or throughout the State of North Carolina, contact Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law. As a Wake County criminal lawyer, Mr. High has been aggressively defending the rights of the accused for almost 20 years.

Building the Strongest Possible Homicide Defense Case

Mr. High is dedicated to building and presenting the strongest possible criminal defense cases for each of his clients by:

  • compiling all crucial evidence
  • interrogating all witnesses
  • examining the prosecution’s case to find it’s weaknesses
  • aggressively arguing his client’s cases in any necessary legal proceedings

Possible defense arguments against homicide charges may include (but are not limited to):

  • defense of property
  • duress
  • entrapment
  • insanity (which may refer to diminished capacity, temporary insanity or permanent mental disturbance)
  • mistake of fact or law
  • prevention of crime
  • privilege of authority
  • self-defense
  • unconsciousness (i.e. sleep walking)

To discuss your particular case with an experienced Raleigh homicide lawyer, contact Mr. High today.