Raleigh, Wake County Intoxication/Manslaughter Lawyer

Manslaughter cases that involve the intoxication of the accused are usually associated with vehicular manslaughter. It’s important to note that manslaughter by an intoxicated person can occur outside a vehicle (such as during the course of a drunken bar fight) and that vehicular manslaughter can occur without the driver being intoxicated (the driver need only to be found somehow negligent).

Intoxication/Manslaughter Sentence

Should an individual be convicted of manslaughter while intoxicated, he or she may face devastating, possibly life-long penalties that may include:

  • prison time
  • permanent marks on the criminal record
  • hefty fines
  • career loss
  • loss of close personal relationships

Sentencing follows a conviction. This is where the convicted person is informed of the punishment(s) he/she must endure. While the precise sentence for a manslaughter performed while intoxicated will depend on the facts of the case, some of the factors that can contribute to a harsher sentence include if the offender:

  • has a criminal record, especially if that record contains convictions of violent crimes
  • was the main offender, rather than an accessory to the crime
  • was not under extreme stress or duress when the crime was committed
  • was cruel or particularly destructive when committing the crime

Along with Kentucky, North Carolina is one of two states that has filed capital murder charges against an impaired driver who was accused of committing manslaughter.

Building a Strong Defense

Regardless of the nature of the case and the specific charge, manslaughter charges that involve intoxication are extremely serious. The accused should work with a skilled lawyer who has experience in similar cases. In Wake County and throughout the State of North Carolina, Raleigh criminal defense attorney Curtis High is dedicated to aggressively defending the rights of the accused. He serves as an advocate for his clients and is known for providing thorough representation.

Criminal attorney Curtis High has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. He is passionate about getting each of his clients through the legal process as efficiently and successfully as possible, and will not give up without a strong fight. If you are seeking an aggressive lawyer who will fight for you from the time of arrest through to appeal, if necessary, contact Mr. High today.