Raleigh, Wake County Murder Attorney

Murder (or homicide) is defined as the act of intentionally and willfully killing another individual by means of:

  • arson
  • burglary
  • kidnapping
  • lying in wait
  • nuclear, biological or chemical warfare
  • poison
  • sexual assault or rape
  • starvation
  • torture

When any of these events result in a murder, the accused will be charged with first degree murder, a Class A felony in the State of North Carolina that is punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty upon conviction. The sentence will depend on the facts of the case, as well as whether the person has an existing criminal record.

Alternatively, second-degree murder charges may be filed when a person allegedly kills another individual with intent but without premeditation or forethought. Second degree murder charges, while less severe than first degree charges, are classified as a Class B felony, which can carry 50 years to life imprisonment upon conviction.

Attempted Murder and Capital Murder Lawyer in Raleigh

The penalties of a murder charge are severe and can destroy a defendant’s life forever. As a result, it is important that those facing any type of murder charge secure the legal services of an experienced Wake County criminal defense attorney.

In Wake County and throughout the State of North Carolina, Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law is dedicated to ardently defending the rights of the accused and to helping them resolve their cases as quickly and successfully as possible. Mr. High promises to provide each of his clients with personalized, professional representation, along with the best possible defense by:

  • gathering all necessary evidence, which may include witness statements, police reports, forensic tests, ballistics reports, etc.
  • thoroughly examining the prosecution’s case to pinpoint any fallacies, inconsistencies or weaknesses it may hold
  • aggressively defending our clients in all legal proceedings, including arraignments, bail hearings, trial proceedings, parole hearings, expungement, etc.

If you are in need of an experienced and aggressive murder attorney in Raleigh who will fight aggressively for your rights, contact Mr. High today.