Raleigh Restraining Order Violations Attorney

Referred to as protective orders in the state of North Carolina, restraining orders are legal court orders that place certain restrictions on the relationship or contact two parties have with one another. While protective orders are typically granted in cases of domestic violations or harassment, they are also commonly issued when there is evidence of stalking occurring.

The terms of a protective order will vary from case to case, and they may be permanent or temporary. Additionally, protective orders may:

  • grant temporary custody or possession of property
  • restrain an individual’s freedom by preventing him or her from coming within a certain distances of particular locations or another person specifically
  • mandate than an individual stops all or certain forms of contact with another
  • order spousal payments, child support payments and/or legal fees

Regardless of whether an individual did, in fact, harass, abuse or stalk the person to begin with (i.e. the reason a protective order was granted in the first place), he or she must strictly follow its orders. If he or she fails to follow the orders, he or she can be arrested on the spot and sentenced up to 1 year in jail – even if the other party initiated the contact and subsequent violation.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

To avoid the potential penalties associated with conviction, the person should speak with an attorney. If you or a loved one is charged with violating a protective order in Raleigh, Wake County or anywhere in North Carolina, Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law can help you.

Mr. High has been aggressively standing up for clients’ rights for nearly 20 years. He vows to work tirelessly to help you move through the legal system quickly and will do what it takes to help you resolve your case as efficiently and successfully as possible. For more information about a protective order in Raleigh, contact Mr. High today.