Driving While License Revoked – Wake County

  • In Raleigh NC, Driving While License Revoked is a class one misdemeanor punishable by up to 120 days in jail. Any conviction of this offense carries with it an automatic one year suspension of driver’s license.
  • Most DWLR charges are the result of the defendant having failed to appear in court some time in the past. Once the failure to appear is entered, the Division of Motor Vehicles is sent notification and correspondingly suspends that person’s driver’s license.
  • Because driving is such an integral part of modern society, many individuals convicted of DWLR continue to drive illegally out of necessity. Any moving violation during a period of suspension results in another one year period of revocation. For many people, these suspensions pile up easily and what was once a very simple missed court date on a seatbelt ticket becomes a permanent revocation (after three convictions of DWLR) of the privilege to drive.

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