Wake County Solicitation Lawyer

In Raleigh, NC, solicitation offenses can involve any of a number of distinct matters covered under state or federal laws. If you have been accused of or are being investigated for solicitation, Curtis R. High, Attorney at Law in Raleigh, North Carolina can review your case and explain a range of legal options to you. With nearly 20 years of experience as both a civil and criminal defense attorney in Wake County, Mr. High provides knowledgeable and effective defense to individuals who are facing North Carolina solicitation charges.

Several Types of Solicitation

As a legal definition, “solicitation” refers to any request by an individual or legal entity, or any effort to seek, ask for, or get funds / property / financial assistance / something of value (including a promise).

Federal and North Carolina Solicitation Law

A solicitation can be made in person, in writing (on paper or electronically), or by phone. The solicitation could be for a charity, or for a profit. Thus, in North Carolina law or federal (U.S.) law, solicitation offenses may be instances of:

  • violations of the North Carolina’s Charitable Solicitation Licensing statute (Chapter 131F)
  • telemarketing (solicitation calls)
  • solicitation of a child by means of computer communications, to commit an unlawful sex act
  • solicitation of prostitution — i.e., offering a sexual act in exchange for money

A solicitation matter may involve criminal or civil legal issues, or both. There need not be a receipt of money or property by the person who did the soliciting; the charge of solicitation is based on the request or effort alone.

Your Defense Attorney for Solicitation

Federal and North Carolina Solicitation laws have some leeway, however, and Mr. High works to identify both the strengths and the weaknesses of each individual’s unique solicitation case. His law office conducts:

  • Its own investigation of the case
  • Interviews of law enforcement officers and other parties involved
  • A further examination of evidence
  • Negotiation for a reduction in bail or release on recognizance
  • Plea discussion with the state or federal prosecutor regarding the solicitation charge(s)

If your case requires an administrative hearing or a criminal arraignment, Mr. High can provide experienced and thorough representation throughout the process and resolution of your case. Contact our Raleigh solicitation attorneys today to schedule a private, confidential evaluation of your case.