Raleigh, NC Violation of Parole Attorney

In North Carolina, a violation of parole can land an individual right back in one of the state’s nearly 80 prisons. Criminal defense attorney Curtis R. High offers highly effective legal counsel and representation to individuals who are dealing with charges of violating their parole in North Carolina.

Your Freedom Is at Stake

Mr. High understands that an individual’s parole (the release from prison that he or she receives subject to his or her compliance with the conditions set forth by the North Carolina Post-Release Supervision and Parole Commission) is vitally important to his or her freedom. He takes it upon himself to thoroughly investigate the details of the alleged violation and serves as an advocate for each and every client.

What Are Your Specific Parole Conditions?

Parole conditions vary with each individual’s circumstances, including:

  • The crime for which he or she was serving time
  • A prior criminal record
  • The individual’s risk to the community
  • History of drug/alcohol use

In most cases, parole conditions include restrictions such as:

  • Reporting to a parole officer at specified intervals
  • Proof of work
  • Mandatory community service
  • Weapon possession not allowed
  • Avoidance of drugs/alcohol
  • Periodic drug testing
  • Where the individual can live (e.g., possibly mandatory halfway house or other program; within-state restriction)
  • No further commission of crimes — which may include traffic violations

Violations of Parole in North Carolina

Although there are different degrees of parole violations, most do not go ignored a parole officer or North Carolina’s parole and penal system. Even if the parolee has a good reason for his/ her parole violation, and if the violation seems minor, it is in his/her best interest to consult an experienced criminal law attorney.

Arrange a Free Consultation Regarding Parole Violations

If you are in North Carolina and are being charged with a violation of parole — or if it’s your family member in this predicament — don’t waste another minute. Contact Wake County parole violation lawyer Curtis R. High to discuss your case.